Increase your Throughput of Wrap Around Labels

As the shapes and sizes of products evolve, the need for wrap-around label applicators advances too. The key is to find an affordable yet productive machine that can grow with the packager’s volumes and requirements.

Introducing the Saturno 2T Synchro from Custom Pak Solutions. The industrial system includes a conveyor belt with variable speed, and a base with stainless steel monobloc. The customer can opt for either 1 or 2 labeling heads with maximum label width range of 100-140-190-230-260mm each.

Saturno 2T Synchro is ideal for application on cylindrical products, ovals and flat containers. It is electronically controlled by PLC with a Touch Screen display for setting the speed, and various parameters, to yield a perfect labeling application. With the Synchro model, all components are synchronized to the speed of the conveyor belt, making changes very easy and quick to implement.  See the system in-action here.

Available options include: motorized turntable, mechanical or digital coders for lot / batch / date printing, safety cover in plexiglass with security doors, lamp-alarm before end of label roll, and ultra-sound photocell to read transparent labels.

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