Dosing & Filling Alternatives

Custom Pak Solutions is a full service system integrator and packaging equipment manufacturer, offering semiautomatic and automatic dosing pumps for the Food, Chemical, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industries.

The volumetric dosing units allow a precise and efficient dosage of products of various consistencies.

For food and consumer goods, dosing heads with automatic valves are ideal for liquid products such as syrup, oil, milk, shampoo, & liquid solvent.

The dosage of dense and doughy products, including creams, sauces, mascara & gels, are typically handled by dosing heads with rotary by-pass valves.

And dosing heads with controlled valves are meant to handle semi dense and liquid products with particles like juice, yogurt & oil.

Custom Pak also provides solutions for high-end cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications, such as inline bottles and monoblocks.

Contact Custom Pak Solutions to request a dosing & filling system customized to your application requirements.

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