V2 Engineering Tube Packaging Line

V2 Engineering and Custom Pak Solutions (CPS) can handle a number of different cartoning applications, both custom and off the shelf.

In this video, the end of line includes:

  1. A fully automatic horizontal cartoner, completely mechanical, high flexibility, intermittent motion and equipped with automatic feeding system linked with a tube filling machine with a production capacity up to 60-65 tubes per minute
  2. A labeler to apply an “L-shape” printed label on the edge of each individual carton
  3. A wrapping & bundling machine adapted to group 6 cartons in configuration 3×2 and to wrap with PP film

Contact Custom Pak Solutions for sales and service in the U.S. and Canada by calling (201) 742-5308.  Alternatively you can send an email to info@custompaksolutions.com