• L-Carton Box ErectorBox Erector Boosts the Throughput of Packaging Operations
    Increase the packaging throughput of your operation with the SPK-01 Automatic box erector. Carbon steel automatic cardboard box forming and taping. Boxes are erected and bottom sealed at a rate of 360 to 480 boxes per hour. Suitable for boxes up to 570 x 250 x 225 (mm). PLC+ touch screen combination, convenient operation. Carton boxes storage […]
  • Shreddy Elastic netShreddy Promotes Sustainability and a Greener Planet
    Cardboard shredding can have an enormous impact on the environment.  One market study indicates the corrugated box market will surpass $70 billion worldwide in 2020.  Therefore, the collective effort by companies to recycle their full boxes and shredded cardboard can add up to make a greener planet. While cardboard usage is increasing, there’s […]
  • Saturno 2T synchroIncrease your Throughput of Wrap Around Labels
    As the shapes and sizes of products evolve, the need for wrap-around label applicators advances too. The key is to find an affordable yet productive machine that can grow with the packager’s volumes and requirements. Introducing the Saturno 2T Synchro from Custom Pak Solutions. The industrial system includes a conveyor belt with variable […]
  • Ramping the Packaging Capacity of Sanitizing Gel
    Custom Pak Solutions is working around the clock to help provide equipment for the dosing of Hand Sanitizing liquids, lotions and gels in the U.S. These products are critical weapons in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. High-quality dosing units can speed-up production so manufacturers realize greater throughout, thus eliminating the […]
    More and more manufacturers are delivering products via small cylindrical bottles and syringes.  This has created the need for packaging companies to offer simple solutions for wrap around labeling. Consider the many applications that require labels on small bottles and vials:  cosmetics, medical, CBD, food, beverage and more.  […]
  • CPS Gearing Up for PACK EXPO East
    PACK EXPO East is a biennial, packaging industry trade show that brings 400 top suppliers and their latest packaging technologies within convenient reach of consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and industrial packagers on the East Coast.  For the third consecutive year, Custom Pak Solutions will be showcasing its top solutions for labeling, […]
  • Label Wrapping of Cylindrical Products
    Customers are continually searching for an affordable yet robust labeling solution for cylindrical products. Introducing the SATURNO 1T – COMPACT, a low cost labeling line for total wrap-around labeling or semi-wrap-around. The solution is composed with a conveyor belt with fixed speed 20m / min and suspension with engine block. Custom Pak […]
  • Custom Pak Solutions doubles down as your All-in-One System Integrator of Packaging Solutions
    SOUTH HACKENSACK, N.J. – Sept. 17, 2019 – PRLog — Today, Custom Pak Solutions (CUSTOM PAK) announced three exciting partnerships on display at the annual Pack Expo tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 23 – 25, 2019. The focus for CUSTOM PAK is packaging and processing innovation while serving a wide range of industries […]
  • CPS Set To Dazzle Customers at Pack Expo Chicago
    Custom Pak Solutions will showcase its full product line once again at Pack Expo International in Chicago.  The event takes place October 14-17, 2018 at McCormick Place.  See CPS at booth S-3300 in the South Hall. Over the last decade, CPS has asserted itself as Your All-in-One System Integrator and Packaging Equipment Manufacturer.  We provide […]
  • Blowing Machine for Pots
    Custom Pak Solutions can help design, implement and operate a new or existing Dosing & Filling line for liquid, dense and doughy products. In this application, a filling and capping monoblock solution helps the manufacturer professionally produce high quality products efficiently and cost effectively. Let us know how we can help your company […]
  • Compact WX
    Compact WX is an inexpensive automatic labeling system suitable for application of wrap around labels onto flacons, jars, cans, glass, plastic bottles and various cylindrical products. This system is equipped with a three-roll automatic rotating device which allows the application of labels onto unstable products.  Compact WX also provides […]
  • Leonardo SP
    It’s not easy to improve upon the best stretch wrapping robot on the market, but that’s exactly what we did in launching Leonardo SP. Leonardo SP is fast, efficient and extremely easy to operate. The unit has a maximum wrapping height up to 86-inches for a standard mast and 106-inches for extended. Also, the working area around the […]
  • Labeling & Hot Foil Coding
    The CPS Top and Bottom Labeling machine from Custom Pak Solutions applies labels to products using an overhead mounted applicator with another mounted below. This machine also features a Hot Foil coder which enables the user to print variable information such as use-by-dates and other information onto the labels. See the full solution in action […]
  • LABELX JR 140 TF
    Check out the best semi-automatic solution for label application onto various size bottles & syringes. The LABELX series and its main features includes, mechanical compactness, easy and linear path for the label reel, and extremely flexible use. These units also accommodate digital coders so you can add any lot, batch, expiration and barcodes. […]
  • Custom Pak Solutions Delivers Innovation in Dosing and Filling
    “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” This quote, attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson in the 19th century, is easily applicable to manufacturing and packaging. Just ask Enzo Lofaro, owner of Custom Pak Solutions, a full-service systems integrator based in South Hackensack, New Jersey. “My customers are looking for […]
  • Custom Pak Solutions Delivers Innovation in Labeling
    “Label your world, label your life” — “Each label, a new story” — “Tailored to the customer solutions.” These slogans summarize the commitment of Custom Pak Solutions (CPS) to research and implement solutions for automatic labeling with the philosophy of constant technological innovation and a focus on customer satisfaction to provide our […]
  • Grab Your FREE Pass to Pack Expo Las Vegas
    Select the REGISTER NOW link below and use code 74F64 to get your pass for free. This is a limited time offer so please act NOW before it’s too late. Then visit Custom Pak Solutions in Las Vegas (booth C-2734). […]
  • Custom Pak Thrives on Wrapping & Packing Applications
    Custom Pak Solutions offers a unique line of mobile, stretch wrapping products that help customers save time, money, and operational headaches.  The portfolio of state-of-the-art packaging equipment also includes case packer overwrappers, shrink wrapping machines, taper sealers, and other end-of-line solutions.  SEE SHORT VIDEO BELOW. Custom Pak […]
  • Free Pass to ProFood Tech
    Custom Pak Solutions will be demonstrating a range of packaging machinery at the inaugural ProFood Tech in Chicago from April 4-6, 2017.  The event takes at the McCormick Center in downtown Chicago.  Each day the show runs 10am to 4pm ET. Register here and be sure to use this code to get it for free:  51Q89   Come see […]
  • Free Pass to Pack Expo EAST
    Join Custom Pak at Pack Expo East in Philadelphia and your Exhibit Pass is free!  The tradeshow exhibit hall is open Feb 27 thru Mar 1.  Come see Custom Pak (booth #1229) for the latest innovations in inkjet coding, labeling, stretch wrapping, cartoning machines and more.   […]
  • Automatic Labeling System for Clamshell Packaging
    Custom Pak Solutions offers automatic labeling systems for C-label applications onto plastic clam shells for food products  We have custom and off-the-shelf solutions to meet any budget.  (201) 742-5308. […]
  • V2 Engineering FCP Perfume Packaging Line
    V2 Engineering and Custom Pak Solutions (CPS) can handle a number of different cartoning applications, both custom and off the shelf. Contact Custom Pak Solutions for sales and service in the U.S. and Canada by calling (201) 742-5308.  Alternatively you can send an email to […]
  • V2 Engineering Tube Packaging Line
    V2 Engineering and Custom Pak Solutions (CPS) can handle a number of different cartoning applications, both custom and off the shelf. In this video, the end of line includes: A fully automatic horizontal cartoner, completely mechanical, high flexibility, intermittent motion and equipped with automatic feeding system linked with a tube filling […]
  • Meet LEONARDO in Person
    Custom Pak Solutions plans to demonstrate an innovative Stretch Film Wrapping robot at Pack Expo International this November.  The robot’s name is Leonardo! Leonardo has a telescopic mast that allows the unit to wrap pallets up to 2.3 meters (7.5 feet) tall.   The unit can operate in confined environments.  It needs less than 1 meter around […]
  • COSMO Pallet Wrapping Robot New pallet wrapping technology from Custom Pak Solutions.  Through a patented working system, COSMO is the only pallet wrapping robot circling the load without a direct contact. It is the only suitable solution for loads with overhanging parts, with an irregular base (due to either to the pallet conformation or the […]
  • UNIQUE Wrapping MachineA Truly UNIQUE Wrapping Machine
    Introducing UNIQUE, the most ingenious / simple / versatile / productive / functional / cost-effective wrapping machine in the world. UNIQUE is ideal for an endless number of applications for the agri-food packing in particular: baked products, bread, confectionery, pasta, pizza, frozen foods, vegetables & fruits of all kinds, poultry, […]
  • Dosing & Filling Alternatives
    Custom Pak Solutions is a full service system integrator and packaging equipment manufacturer, offering semiautomatic and automatic dosing pumps for the Food, Chemical, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industries. The volumetric dosing units allow a precise and efficient dosage of products of various consistencies. For food and consumer goods, dosing […]
  • Off-the-Shelf & Custom Labeling Solutions
    Custom Pak Solutions offers a comprehensive line of labeling systems for the Food, Pharma and Cosmetics industries.  We help small and cost-conscience businesses afford vital labeling equipment without sacrificing the quality that is required for rugged environments. Our labeling products are heavy duty and reliable. Custom Pak integrates labeling […]
  • Automate Pallet Wrapping with Stretchwrap Robots
    <SEE VIDEO, OR CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE BELOW> Custom Pak Solutions offers a unique line of mobile, stretch wrapping products that help customers save time, money, and operational headaches. The flagship product is LEONARDO, a pallet wrapping robot.  Simply program the push button controls to define the wrapping requirements and let […]
  • V2000V2000 Cantilever Horizontal Cartoner
    V2000 is a modern and functional horizontal cartoner, realized with cantilever system having the following peculiarities: > Easy access for the operator to achieve all maintenance, size change and cleaning operations; machine is built according to GMP standards > Extremely easy and quick size change over with adjustments through indicators. […]