Automate Pallet Wrapping with Stretchwrap Robots


Custom Pak Solutions offers a unique line of mobile, stretch wrapping products that help customers save time, money, and operational headaches.

The flagship product is LEONARDO, a pallet wrapping robot.  Simply program the push button controls to define the wrapping requirements and let LEONARDO do all the work.  Its telescopic mast allows LEONARDO to wrap pallets up to 2.3 meters tall.  Moreover, LEONARDO can operate in confined environments.  It needs less than 1 meter around the pallet for operating space.  LEONARDO’s power supply with 2 gel-sealed batteries allows for the wrapping of 50 pallets in between charges.

LEO is a smaller version of Leonardo.  It’s lighter weight and compact overall dimensions allows LEO to operate in the smallest of areas.  LEO has a fixed mast measuring 2 meters tall.  Its patented electric maneuvering technology with 6 pre-programmable settings, allows LEO to easily wrap pallets with little or no intervention.

For pallet loads with overhanging parts or an irregular base, COSMO is the ideal robot.  COSMO is also the world’s only unit that encircles the load without making direct contact with the items.  COSMO works with standard stretch film rolls, and re-charges from any standard 110 volt outlet.

For manual stretch wrapping of pallets, HERCULES is the answer.  HERCULES is really 2 products in 1 with its Transformer device for lifting heavy objects, and the stretch film wrapper itself.  There’s no tools or experience required to operate HERCULES.  The maximum lifting height is 2 meters, and its lifting capacity is 150 pounds.

Contact Custom Pak Solutions to determine the best stretch pallet wrapper for your work environment.

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