Shreddy Promotes Sustainability and a Greener Planet

Cardboard shredding can have an enormous impact on the environment.  One market study indicates the corrugated box market will surpass $70 billion worldwide in 2020.  Therefore, the collective effort by companies to recycle their full boxes and shredded cardboard can add up to make a greener planet.

While cardboard usage is increasing, there’s more & more emphasis on sustainability by companies large and small.  Sustainability is made up of three pillars: economy, society, and the environment.  The latest product offering from Custom Pak Solutions addresses all three pillars.

Shreddy 500 stripsIntroducing SHREDDY, a full line of cardboard shredders that transform used or unusable cardboard into practical and effective packaging material.  Each system includes a single or three-phase motor, a cutter of specific width, and a vacuum system for removing dust particles.

After cutting the cardboard, there are two options for the resulting material:  cardboard strips, or cardboard elastic net.  While both can be used for repacking boxes, the elastic net is a unique, user friendly option that’s growing in popularity.  Cardboard elastic net protects the content of outgoing freight with its flexible, cushioning structure.

The line of SHREDDY machines are industrial workhorses that customers can rely on.  Each system – Series 299, 300, 400, 500 & 700 – varies by power, motor size, and cutting width.  Options for producing cardboard strips and elastic net are available for each series type.  All units are setup for a Hepa extractor to collect dust during the shredding process.

For more information see the SHREDDY machine in action below, or contact Custom Pak Solutions.

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