More and more manufacturers are delivering products via small cylindrical bottles and syringes.  This has created the need for packaging companies to offer simple solutions for wrap around labeling.

Consider the many applications that require labels on small bottles and vials:  cosmetics, medical, CBD, food, beverage and more.  These products alone are a multi billion dollar marketplace.  Consumers appreciate the small size packaging for the portability factor.  Therefore the growth of this market segment is expected to keep growing.

Custom Pak Solutions offers a semi-automatic solution for labeling of cylindrical bottles & syringes.  The LABELX series and its main features includes, mechanical compactness, easy and linear path for the label reel, and extremely flexible use. These units also accommodate digital coders – such as the Markoprint┬« industrial coders  – so you can add lot / batch numbers, expiration dates and barcodes.

From an operations perspective, the LABELX JR 140 TF with X1Jet coder is a simple solution to install, operate and maintain.  It requires a small footprint, and the amount of time to feel comfortable running the system is minimal.  The consumable supplies include labels and ink.See an example of LABELX JR 140 TF below.  Contact us with questions or to schedule a demonstration.

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