The MGX Carton Former: Designed Specifically for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses


Handling inflation, a slower economy, and recruiting quality talent amongst a labor shortage are all challenges many small and medium-sized businesses face in 2023. As business leaders face the issues of how to increase efficiency and reduce costs among these challenges, automated packaging solutions are something to consider.

Carton forming machines are one part of automated packaging solutions that can help your small business increase efficiency and reduce the time-consuming labor associated with forming and filling cartons by hand.


Benefits of cartoning machines

Automating the packaging process comes with many benefits. Cartoning machines can:

  • Help your business save money. Cartoning equipment requires minimal human intervention, allowing your employees to focus on other essential operations in your manufacturing process.
  • Allow you to possibly double or even triple your current output, increasing efficiency and reducing your labor costs.
  • Increase your quality. Although machines are not 100% error-free, they can significantly reduce your packaging error rate and help you achieve high standards consistently.

You might be thinking, “All those benefits sound great, but how much will it cost me?” Good news — increasing throughput and efficiency through automation doesn’t have to “break the bank!”

The MGX Carton Former is a competitively priced carton forming solution that can increase consistency and production capacity without the substantial investment that many believe is necessary.


Meet the small but mighty MGX carton forming machine

The MGX is a small-footprint carton former explicitly designed for small and medium-sized businesses.


Main features of the MGX carton former:

  • This electro-pneumatic machine with PLC control logic is equipped with a piece counter and a stop when a minimum load of carton/tray blanks is detected.
  • It is suitable for the partial formation and automatic coding of cartons/trays of various sizes.
  • It can be used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food sectors.
  • Packages small quantities of products with quick and easy format changes.
  • It can automatically form carton and tray blanks of any weight and code on both closing edges. The carton/tray is always closed from the back side. The coding can take place either on both edges or on the chosen edge.
  • Mechanical speed: 1440/hour
  • Size range: Minimum 17 x 20 x 60 mm; maximum 120 x 80 x 250 mm

Check out this video to see the MGX carton former in action.

At Custom Pak Solutions, our Carton Forming product line includes horizontal cartoning machines as well as vertical cartoning machines. Your style of carton, your primary product, and how it will be loaded will help to determine the machine that best meets the needs of your business.

Custom Pak Solutions is a full-service system integrator and packaging equipment manufacturer. We fabricate, program, deliver and install turn-key industrial automation solutions to customers large and small. With 20 years of knowledge and experience, our team of experts can provide package solutions tailored to your business. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!

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