State-of-the-Art Dosing Units for Any Application

Custom Pak Solutions offers volumetric dosing units used in the food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.  The dosing pumps allow a precise and fast dosage of products of various consistencies such as liquid, semi liquid, dense and doughy products.

All machine parts in contact with the product to dose are made of stainless steel AISI316, and are easily disassembled for cleaning.  Volume is regulated with the hand-wheel and graded scale. The speed regulation of the delivery and aspiration is finely adjustable through adjustment valves integrated in the base plate.

The dosing unit is compact and takes up minimum space, allowing an easy installation on automatic plants. The dosing piston’s springs are made in long-lasting Teflon and are resistant to abrasive products too.

Depending on the customer’s requirments, there are different heads for each of the three categories:  (1) syrup – oil – milk – shampoo – liquid solvent.  (2) cream – sauce – besciamella sauce – mascara – gel.  (3) juice – yogurt – dense oil.

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