A Truly UNIQUE Wrapping Machine

Introducing UNIQUE, the most ingenious / simple / versatile / productive / functional / cost-effective wrapping machine in the world.

UNIQUE is ideal for an endless number of applications for the agri-food packing in particular: baked products, bread, confectionery, pasta, pizza, frozen foods, vegetables & fruits of all kinds, poultry, salami, white meats, and cheese. Items can be single or multi packed, with or without a tray.

UNIQUE is a system completely synchronized with the operator.  The loading of the product automatically activates the film unwinding and its forward moving and bagging.  It is not the operator to run after the machine, but the machine adapting itself to the operator.

Operators can load products in different horizontal, diagonal or even vertical positions, providing an endless range of uses and applications.  UNIQUE Wrapping Machine can be integrated with feeding and loading systems, like motorized belts conveyors or simple gravity sliding plates

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