Pneumatic Volumetric Dosing unit with “T.V.A.” head

The pneumatic volumetric dosing unit with T.V.A. head is suitable for dosing liquid products such as syrup-oil-milk-detergent-shampoo-solvent.


  • aspiration from drum placed on floor thru stainless pipe union and valve suitable for suction of liquid products.
  • Suction from a drum on the ground is made by a hose and a bottom valve.

Our patented volumetric dosing units mod. VM are used in the food – chemical – cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and allow e precise and quick dosing of each kind of product: liquid, dense and doughy one. The part getting in contact with the product to be dosed is made in stainless steel AISI316, all the components can be easily dismounted for the cleaning. Volume adjustment is made through a wheel with graduated scale. Also thrust and aspiration speed can be accurately adjusted through the regulator fruits integrated into the subbase plate. Moreover the machine is very compact and takes a minimum room, what also enables an easy integration into automatic systems. Gaskets of dosing piston are made of long-lasting Teflon even with abrasive products. We can make many special applications, Customer – together with our Technical Department – can find among them the solution for each of his specific requirements.

  • On demand we can supply the dosing machine in 2-cylinders – 3-cylinders – 4-cylinders version or multiple dosing groups mod. G.D.V.
  • Micro-dosers for dosing from 0,5 to 20 c.c.
  • Special nozzles and dosing plates
  • Anti-drop and cut-thread shut-off nozzles
  • Dosers with programmable hit repeater
  • Heated dosers for dosing chocolate, butter, honey or wax, paraffin etc… (temperature from +35°c to +120°c)