The V300 is the result of the latest technological development of V2engineering in the field of the cartoning machines. It has collected immediately a great success thanks to its efficiency, ergonomics and easy to use concept. The V300 is a continuous motion cartoning machine equipped with particularly reliable systems of positive carton opening and product loading into the carton.


  1. Highly accessible and easy to clean machine, thanks to its “cantilever” or “balcony” structure. The machine is built according to the GMP rules.
  2. Easy, quick and intuitive size changing.
  3. Carton and leaflet magazines in ergonomic position.
  4. High capacity carton magazine movable on guides, in order to allow the best accessibility inside the machine.
  5. Reliable and efficient positive carton opening.
  6. Toothed belt transmissions for higher efficiency and lower noise level.
  7. Pusher carousel, product and carton transport in mechanical phase for maximum operational reliability.
  8. Highest versatility thanks to a wide range of feeding units and accessories.


Wide range of feeding and grouping systems fitting the specific Customer’s needs. Integration of prefolded or flat leaflet or booklet feeding units. Integration of embossing, ink- jet or laser coding systems. Wide range of bar code, 2D code reading systems, camera vision systems, with integrated control system and rejecting unit. Carton flap closing with tuck in, hot melt glue or mixed systems like tamper evident.


The V300 is a very flexible and versatile cartoning machine, which can be employed from the pharmaceutical industry to various applications of food and non food industry.

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