UNIQUE is the most versatile and simplified pillow pack machine in the world, able to wrap every kind of product with unlimited length: bread, chocolate, biscuits, cakes and much more.

UNIQUE is a great invention: the reel, the adjustable conformer, the feed and sealing rollers and the group “crimp and seal” form an only rotating unit that allows to use the machine and to load products in different horizontal, diagonal or even vertical positions, providing endless range of uses and applications.

UNIQUE is a machine fully synchronized with the operator. The loading of the product is automatically activating its forward moving and the film unwinding. The operator does not have to run after the machine working but it is the machine adapting itself to the operator.

UNIQUE is equipped with an easy and very intuitive display, type touch-screen, designed and developed by the R&D at ITALDIBIPACK, for the most simple and fast setting and regulation of the different working parameters, controlled and operated through a PLC unit:
1. double pairs of feed and sealing rollers
2. traverse sealing with “cut and seal” jaws, vertical closure
3. adjustable conformer to facilitate and expedite format changes
4. feeding speed (and, therefore, wrapping speed as well) adjustable through the PLC (and also obviously linked to the length of the pieces)
4. temperature of the “cut and seal” unit and the sealing rollers electronically controlled by the PLC
5. the machine can be equipped with a series of accessories to extend its applications
6. the machine is capable of working with laminates, macro and micro perforated PPL and even PE, by modifying the sealing unit (option)