PandA AL

PandA AL

PandA AL is a print & apply unit for front lateral side application. PandA AL is available on version PandA 4 with integration of 4" -105 mm max. print width, or on version PandA 6 with integration of 6" - 160 mm print width, thermal transfer print engines.

Standard features

  • Reel holder with mechanical un-winder
  • Anodized aluminium reel discs with screwed locking system
  • Motorized liner re-winder with locking device
  • Ready for print engine integration: Avery DPM4; CAB PX4; Datamax A4xxx; Sato M84Se-S84Se; Zebra 110PAX4; Carl ⇒ Valentin SPX-SPE;
  • Applicator module AL-300
  • Integrated control unit with PLC
  • Cycles labeling control
  • Alarms and external signal interfaces
  • Operator panel with color touch-screen and swivelling support

Optional accessories

  • Start photocell
  • Pre-end of labels roll alarm
  • Three color sign lamp
  • Floor stand