Master WA


Master Wa is a high performance automatic labeling system suitable for applying wrap around labels onto: jars, cans, glass or plastic bottles and onto various cylindrical products. MASTER WA has been based configured in order to respect the most rigid pharmaceutical norms. It can also integrate numerous control and verification options.

Standard features

  • Labeling unit LABEX 140 ES
  • Horizontal and vertical micro regulation unit with numeric indicators
  •  Conveying module with flat belt
  • Wrap around device with AC motor plus inverter
  • Automatic speed synchronization
  • MODULAR main frame in painted steel
  • Total protection in transparent polycarbonate
  • Centralized electronic control with Touch screen operator panel
  • PLC unit with memory of setting parameters

Optional accessories

  • LABELX 140 RM
  • Photostop for transparent labels
  • Product separator device
  • Hot foil coding unit
  • Thermal transfer printing units
  • Print presence control
  • Label presence control
  • Barcode control
  • Automatic ejector
  • IQ/OQ Documentation