Automatic labeler for medium and high speed applications of self adhesive labels. Available with max. label width: 140 mm - 250 mm - 350 mm. Labeling machine perfoming unit. Standard features ⇒ Hybrid step-motor low-loss A++ Class ⇒ Mechanical unwinder ⇒ Stop photocell ⇒ End of roll alarm ⇒ Encoder input ⇒ Touch Screen operator panel ⇒ Offset and start delay adjustment ⇒ Automatic recovery of missing label ⇒ Applied label counter ⇒ Setting memorization Optional accessories ⇒ Pre-end of labels roll alarm ⇒ Photostop for transparent labels ⇒ Start photocell ⇒ Oscillating roller applicator ⇒ Pneumatic applicators ⇒ Hot foil coding unit ⇒ Thermal transfer printing units Download PDF: labelx_RM_JR