Pallet wrapping machine for palletized loads with an open turntable type for the easy loading with manual fork-lifts or systems with fixed forks at the base. Automatic wrapping cycle with manual film clamping and cutting.


  • main control box with “touch screen” type operator panel with a very easy, simple and intuitive use (figures/pictograms), for a rapid setting and regulation of all the different parameters
  • pre-setting of 8 different working cycles, each of them wth all the parameters customized by the operator
  • machine working controlled through a compact PLC
  • possibility to select an automatic or a manually controlled working procedure
  • possibility to set a number of wrapping cycles in a continuous sequence
  • possibility to select among 3 different methods of wrapping: standard with cross wrapping (during the film carriage ascent and descent); one way wrapping (during the film carriage ascent only); standard cross wrapping with film carriage stop at the top of the load to permit the manual application of a top cover (the film carriage re-start is activated by the operator pressing the related button on the control box)
  • machine overall dimensions according to the lay-out
  • basement with rear predisposal for being lifted and moved with a fork-lift
  • separate setting for the bottom and top reinforcing wraps
  • maximal wrapping height: 2200 mm
  • hinge facility (column/basement) for an easy and fast assembling of the unit
  • film carriage driving motor integrated in the mast (column)
  • film carriage transmission by chain
  • regulation of the film carriage speed, controlled through inverter and with separate parameters for the ascent and descent
  • safety system on the bottom side of the film carriage frame to stop its descent in case of presence of any obstacle
  • automatic detection of the wrapping height through photocell
  • turntable motor protected with a carter
  • regulation of the turntable rotating speed controlled through inverter, with soft start and progressive arrival in the same starting position
  • turntable diameter: 1500 mm; turntable profile (height): 75 mm
  • safety system with photocell, mounted on the open side of the
  • turntable to stop the rotation in presence of a fork-lift of any other obstacle turntable rotation with hard rubber covered wheels powered with a chain transmission
  • maximum weight of the load: 1500 kg
  • film roll dimensions: 500 mm dimensions wide, with an external diameter of maxim 250 mm on a 3” core
  • machine gross weight: indicatively 430 kg (referred to the machine in its basic configuration)
  • power supply: 1,5kW@240V–1ph+G/E+N


  • photocell for loads having a dark or a reflecting colour, or with any other special condition
  • film carriage with a 200% fixed ratio (1 mt = 3 mt) power prestretch with easy and safe loading of the film, with direct transmission through gears and separate regulation of the film tension from the control panel
  • extended mast for a wrapping height of 2700 mm
  • increased loading capacity to 1500 kg maxim