ECOFARD 700 SA is the most versatile and economical sleeve-wrapper with semiautomatic feeding to make multipacks of different size of various products (bottles, vases, jars, pots, cans, phials, cases etc) and/or to protect boxes integrating and/or replacing the use of carton boxes at end-of-line with great management advantages. Two different models are available: compact (MB) where the tunnel is connected with the sealing area, and sealer-plus-tunnel (BB) where the sealing area is independent from the tunnel. The machine works in a very simple way: a pneumatic pusher drives the products from the loading area towards the sealing area. Then a transversal sealing-bar (that has a pneumatic movement and temperature is electronically controlled) cuts and seals the film.

At this point the product enters the tunnel for shrinking. It’s ideal for medium-high outputs.

1. Semiautomatic feeding
2. Double-rolls system
3. Sealing time electronically adjustable
4. In MB models movement of the tunnel belt conveyor synchronized with that of the sealing bar in order to sleeve-wrap also unstable products without a tray
5. In BB models the wrapped product stays on a plate behind the sealing area till the outcoming wrapped product pushes it onto the tunnel belt conveyor that runs continually
6. Cooling fan at the tunnel exit included
7. Tunnel steel zinc-coated mesh belt conveyor
8. Air heating by finned resistances controlled by an electronic thermo-regulator
9. Closed and forced air circulation with air flow adjustable by flaps in order to have the best shrinking
10. Internal tunnel parts made by steel zinc-coated
11. External powder painting
12. Discharging idle roller conveyor included

Options for ECOFARD 700 SA:

1. Vertical rollers to compress the film excess at the tunnel exit
2. After-sealing-bar top-clamp to block unstable products
3. Frequency AC engine controller for tunnel belt conveyor
4. Motorized bottom film-unwinding
5. Tunnel belt conveyor 800 mm longer for wrapping bottles without any carton tray

The machines works with single-wounded (flat) LLDPE

Machine made according to CE rules