Dibiflow It is the smallest flow-pack on the market!  it was conceived for the high speed realization of pillow-pack packaging in very reduced spaces. Dibiflow is a very convenient and reliable solution for the needs of single-dose packing.  Perfect for the packaging of bread, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and much more.
  1. Product feeding bed length mm. 500 complete with stainless steel plane surface and side panels
  2. Overhanging reel carrier
  3. Reel width max 400 mm
  4. Adjustable film conveyor
  5. Film pulling and sealing with two pairs of rollers cold/hot
  6. Pair of rotary jaws of 240 mm.With cut-stitch system
  7. Pair limiting device (safety clutch)
  8. Graduated handwheel for bag length adjustement
  9. Graduated handwheel for jaws slowing down regulation